Sunday, August 13, 2006

Respect mah authoritah?

Sunday Morning did a feature about South Park, and I felt inspired to finally create my own South Park character. I had seen personalized versions on other blogs and wanted to try it out.

I like the tool on the official site much better but for some reason they don't make it possible for you to copy or save your creation. So after a very simple Google search I found the CustomSouthParks generator and made my doppelganger. It is as good as it could get using the options available. For it to truly look like me, the hoop earrings would have to be silver and bigger, the hair curlier, and the glasses a different shape. I was also very disappointed that this was the darkest skin color possible. That definitely would not work if you wanted to recreate a Chef-like skin color.

She is cute, however, the original is much more edgy and unique.

I did try everything I could with the code to get rid of the sign, but no luck.

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