Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Love Love Lanetz Living!

Due to my voracious web surfing I find cool sites, products, ideas, and advice all the time from all over the world. Today I want to tell my fellow sewing friends about one of them.

I read A Dress A Day daily which is literally what it sounds like. A discussion or presentation of some great dress (usually vintage) found online and why it appeals to the writer.

Well, sometimes she uses vintage patterns as examples, because since she can sew, it is possible for her to recreate some of these dresses that she presents. She mentioned one source of vintage patterns about a month ago; Lanetz Living, and how they were offering a discount to her readers.

I started stalking the site looking for gems. She has so many patterns and most of them have never been used. Maybe the cover isn't as pretty as it once was, but the pattern pieces are like new. One Sunday morning, I ordered three patterns online using my discount. I also received free shipping because I had ordered three or more items.

Wednesday afternoon, I came home for lunch and there they were. In a tiny Manila envelope, each in its own ziploc baggie with a sheet of stationary notepaper ready to jot down all the pertinent details of each project.

Yes, they are very simple and I could definitely sew more advanced garments.

However, these are so classic in style and with the right fabric they could be spectacular! Most of my clothes are in solid colors, but with these simple shapes I am going to take advantage of the great patterned fabrics out there now. Hello, Cia's Palette or Reprodepot!

Check out Lanetz Living, their selection is great and the customer service is the best I've encountered on the Web to date.


purejuice said...

this is really inspiring. cyntergomes, over at LiveJournal, is an arts grad/crafter like you and came up with a fabulous retro knitting pattern supplier. if only i could remember who it was i'd give you the URL. i'll go ask her and check back.
meanwhile, thank you for wonderful posts. i've been following you since you posted to apartment therapy.

purejuice said...

knitty goodness:

lsaspacey said...


I've only knitted two things in my life, I don't seem to have the patience for it, but maybe I can pay someone to make me something. Thanks!!