Friday, July 27, 2007

Aquafina is tap water!*

As it turns out Aquafina, the single biggest bottled water brand, is nothing but tap water, from a public water source. Technically they had been labeling it as (PWS) on it's bottles and had never said in advertisements that it was from a mineral spring. However, we were given enough images; like snow-capped mountains, to allow us visual closure in imagining it as pure spring water.

Of course, this comes the very day that I finish the last of my Aquafina 24-pack that I bought last week.

I originally started drinking bottled water at home because my apartment's tap water had a weird smell and taste. Months later I found that the weird smell was actually from the kitchen cabinets (Yeah, ewww!) I've since moved my glasses to my dining room buffet so I should try again. I became so used to opening up the fridge and immediately having a deliciously frigid long gulp of water. But I no longer want to pay for the same stuff that I could consume for free.

Looking into this:

Reusable water bottles **
Brita faucet or pitcher filtration system
Pur faucet or pitcher filtration systems

You should check out this cool PBS site on bottled water from 2004.

*Soylent Green inspired this title. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't miss out, rent it as soon as you can!
**Will also find reusable shopping bags there.


MrsEm said...

Try a glass water jug with a lid that you can fill from the tap and keep in the fridge. It makes the water super cold and doesn't add a weird taste like a brita filter.

Anonymous said...

I used to drink the bottled water in gallon plastic jugs then switched to the five gallon containers that are delivered. It's supposed to be distilled but unless you have your own home test lab how can you know for sure? You just can't trust anything anymore!