Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My new shoes are here!

They’re here!

My Bernie Mevs are here!

They arrived from Bianca Rose Shoes around 3PM. The package was presented well with a discount card from the store and baby blue tissue paper. When I pulled out the shoes, they looked exactly like I thought they would.

However, on my feet, I don't feel immediate love for them.

I do not see cute little girl shoes. Viewed on my feet, they are not the sassy shoes I thought I would be seeing. Maybe if they were available in red?

I ordered two different sizes, European size 39(8-8 ½) and 40 (9-9 ½). One reason was that the sale was so great ($70 reduced to $30) that if I waited until they arrived the other size might be sold out. The other reason is that my left foot is a half size larger than the right, so I always have to accommodate the larger one. Well, the 39’s have no extra toe room for the left foot but the 40’s seem to have too much room in width. This extra width leaves the smaller foot swimming in the shoe. Because they have the elastic strap above the instep, there is no danger of the shoe falling off. The shoes also do not seem to be rubbing against my feet so maybe there won’t be any blisters.

Nevertheless, the real story is that these are not the magic shoes I wanted them to be. I want fun, jet around town shoes, ones that say, “This girl is fun!”

Shoes like these:

Photo credits: Flickr users Graygoosie and Jek In The Box.

The retro styling is exactly what I want but on my feet they are just another pair of black shoes. Maybe I would love them more if they were red?

Tomorrow: Two more pairs of shoes arrive!

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FishPockets said...

Those top red ones rule. :D