Saturday, December 29, 2007

A wished-for new beginning?

The Friday before Christmas at 2:30 pm, I had an interview with a state agency for an internship. Within the first 5 minutes, the woman with whom I arranged the meeting let me know that there had been a change; the evening before an employee informed them she would be leaving around the first of 2008. Therefore, I not only met with the people seeking an intern but also the head of the other department. The meeting/interview was a strange experience because it all seemed as if i had my choice of either opportunity, if i wanted. With the way that 2007 has gone this was a very foreign feeling to me.

The internship and the position pay the same, a lower salary than the one I had at my last position. A livable salary, but still a reduction. However, this opportunity would be a first step into the industry that i want to work in. Therefore, this is a great opportunity, an opportunity that I really want.

I was told at the interview that this position will give me a taste of how this agency works and how it interacts with state and federal agencies on historic preservation issues. Most employees stay there up to a year and use the connections and knowhow they have learned in the position to gain other opportunities. So, though I might not be able to dump massive money on my debt, I will gain experience and contacts while also being able to pay my rent...sounds good to me.

Being a state agency, they first have to go through a hiring approval process and I'll have to join a specific staffing agency that does the hiring for them. They would like the new person (which could be me!) to start on January 10 or earlier. So I have to call and check on all of this, January 2nd.

Wish me luck!


zooza said...

How wonderful. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Stephanie said...

Sounds very exciting!