Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Career and Creativity Resolutions

Last year, I made a great decision. I quit a job that was stagnating my brain and denying me a workable schedule to continue my part-time education. I borrowed enough money: to complete my remaining college education on a full-time basis, supply myself with a laptop computer, and if money was leftover, help fund my graduation trip to Italy to see my friends and goddaughters who are living there. The missing piece of the plan was that I needed to supplement the loan money with a part-time job, at some point.

However, that great plan did not work out. I fully take responsibility for that. The signs were there, I just didn't take them seriously. I did not acquire that part-time job, the money went faster than desired, and now I would do best getting a full-time job.

However, through my last college course and the work I completed, I realized what my interests have been hinting at for years...I know what field I want to work in. Historic Preservation and Neighborhood Revitalization. I also know that I want to start that career here, in Richmond.

1. Actively network, self-educate, volunteer, and pursue a career in the Historic Preservation field.

I guess when you start to think everything is utterly hopeless, you are forced to fight your fears in ways you never had the guts to before.
  • A mass email, including my resume, was sent to friends and colleagues in town explaining my work situation.
  • Friends working for large corporations suggested the staffing agencies they use (ones that appreciate people might need a more livable wage.) I joined and they have already called me.
  • A pick-your-brain request to a supportive professor may have resulted in possible paid intern work inside the field!
  • I volunteered myself to help a loved neighborhood complete their nomination to the National Register of Historic Places in order to be designated a Historic District. So looking forward to this!
I have also started getting more aggressive in the blogosphere. Hopefully, in the next months you will see more changes both here and on SHELTER.

2. Enhance look, expand content, and increase traffic on both blogs.
  • I joined BlogHer months ago but I want to become more active, in fact I would love to attend the conference in '08.
  • I want to commission (by trading services) friends of mine to design specific looks for my blogs.
  • Most definitely, I want to increase traffic to the sites.
  • Perhaps, add a retail component to SHELTER?
Most of all, I want to stop downplaying the things that I feel I do well. If I want to succeed in anything, well, I need to believe in myself most of all.


Anonymous said...

Historic preservation - what a fantastic career choice! I wish you lots of luck with that - sounds like you're already on your way in terms of networking. Yay!

zooza said...

Well, you've just increased your traffic on this blog by one. I never realised you had another blog (I'm a long time Shelter reader). It's going straight onto my RSS reader!

And best of luck with the Historic Preservation job quest. I work sort of in that field (used to be an archaeologist and worked for the UK National Trust, and now do research for museums and private clients). I can't think of any way I could help you, as I'm in the wrong country, but if you do think of anything, just let me know - my email address is on the sidebar of my blog.