Monday, January 07, 2008

2008 Wardrobe Plan...

Because of necessity, I want to rehaul my wardrobe. I want pieces that make sense and enhance each other. Some things I will buy (sweaters, shoes) but most I want to make myself like I used to in high school and college. I also want to learn to properly fit clothing to my body and to eventually create my own patterns. Ultimately, I‘ll be able to think up a specific look and create it without a lot of fuss and anxiety.

I rarely shop, but I have actually seen lots of pieces as inspiration in online clothing stores; Dace, Eliza Gran, Jovovich-Hawk, Le Train Bleu, Mela Purdie, Red Dress Shoppe, Saltwater, Tulle, and Banana Republic. I have also seen many pieces I may want to recreate among the designers at Nordstrom.

This is my plan for winter to spring 2008:
  • A few long-sleeved shirts and dresses based on modified smock designs w/gathered or pleated necklines. I will be adapting/using these two patterns:

    Simplicity 3835, from the Built By Wendy collection and Vogue 8392.

  • This Simplicity 9825 skirt in a black corduroy I bought a few years ago.
  • This shirt from Vogue 8392 and in this great print fabric.
  • This Simplicity 4111 pattern (view B) in the same red stretch suede as this Simplicity 1560 skirt and also in this sweet Denyse Schmidt print, Posie in turquoise.
Future projects:

Karen Walker
  • A variation of Simplicity 4112 view B. I want to make something similar to this Karen Walker blouse. However, I would prefer to use this vintage Simplicity 5112 pattern below. Imagine, no buttons, just a wrap-around tie? How incredible! I will keep looking for the pattern. I should have bought it when I first saw it!
  • This Butterick 4948 pattern made out of a great red corduroy or a gray wool flannel. However, with multiple fabrics and a little bit of shaping, this pattern could easily replicate this Sabyasachi dress from Spring 2007.
could become


Christina said...

Good pattern matches for your inspiration pics!

Stephanie said...

Great plan. I need to come up with something like this. Thanks for the idea!