Monday, December 22, 2008

Boatneck Top Solution?

McCall's 8251

Argghh, this pattern! I have loved it since I first laid eyes on it, but the satisfactory completion of my very first item from it keeps alluding me.

These images from a past J.Crew collection were how I saw the pattern turning out. I wanted several versions of the dress and the top. Alas, I'm still working on the very first one!

Here, I talked about it when I THOUGHT I was finished with it although I did admit that it had major problems in wearing because of it being too large on my somewhat narrow shoulders. Here I discussed my options for correction and here, I thought I had a solution in mind. Wel, after searching for the remnants I realized I didn't have enough fabric to really create the mod collar I was contemplating and the idea of adding a contrast collar was not appealing to me.

Note the gathers along the shoulder seams.

Then I saw this similar tunic in a Lucky issue I was recycling. I have already made a pleat down the middle of my top's front and taken in the equivalent ease from the back. But perhaps I will also try something like this in addition to the center pleat. I found enough perfectly matched seam binding (in the stash!) that I'm going to use to bind the neckline and with the remnants, perhaps create some faux godets* to close up the neckline. I really want this thing satisfactorily completed before the new year so that I add it to my slightly pathetic number of completed sewing projects in 2008.**

*I can't think of a better term. When I show it to you, maybe you can help me name it?
**Compared to some of you more organized sewers!


Antoinette said...

I missed this post, somehow. Have you shirred the shoulder seam yet? I'm wondering if that plus the center front pleat will add a lot of volume to the front and back that changes the silhouette fundamentally...? Unless you're busty, in which case the extra volume will be welcome.

I'm sorry this garment didn't come together quickly for you, as much as you like it and as straightforward as the pattern probably is. Hang in there!

lsaspacey said...

I tried it on again yesterday and almost screamed out loud. It looked even worse than last time! For the time being I am giving up on it.

Maybe if I find that pattern again in a smaller size or another one in a similar cut I'll take it apart again and recut it. Though I doubt it because each time I take out a seam it threatens to pull the fibers pretty bad. As it is, it just isn't worth it anymore. I'll definitely try the look of that pattern again but maybe not touch "that" project again. Moving on...