Friday, December 12, 2008

Now these are cool...

I saw these in an ad for Chanel a few days ago and without looking I already found a similar and cheaper version online at Urban Outfitters here for $14. The difference is that the originals from the Winter 08/09 collection are opaque white and black and the UO version are sheer and black. I guess you could layer them over white tights? However, I'm sure someone is making a pair closer to the Chanel version, right?

These are the other pair that Chanel showed on the runway. UO has a knock-off pair for these too.

Photos: Chanel, Frances Tulk-Hart for The New York Times


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at I'd be surprised if they *didn't* have something similar.

Christina said...

I love these Chanel tights but I wasn't aware that good ol' Urban Outfitters came through with the knockoff! Thanks for sharing.