Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good News Tuesday

1) I saw Jon Hamm on the Today Show before I left for work.

2) That was right after a report that Mattell (maker of Barbie®) has officially put the Bratz dolls out of business! All current Bratz doll merchandise must be pulled from the shelves. Mattel now has the choice of either destroying the merchandise (YAY!) or marketing and selling the dolls themselves (BOO!!!!)

I haven't done any research yet, but if you find a organization(s) petitioning Mattell not to do that last horrid thing, let me know. Barbie; no matter how you feel about her, is already an American institution, but please don't let them give Bratz dolls the same opportunity!


Amy said...

So, I'm going to assume that you also don't like the Bratz?

Anonymous said...

I almost took an archivist job for the Bratz company a couple years ago. I'm so glad I didn't!