Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MUST SEE: Coraline in 3-D

I highly recommend seeing Coraline in 3-D if possible. I decided to treat myself and found myself oohing and aahing at lots of the effects. I have to admit I was shocked at the price when I got up to the window, so be prepared that you will be paying extra for the 3-D lusciousness. In my city, the non-matinee priced ticket was $12.

However, from the previews, there will be at least three more animated in 3-D movies coming out in the future. So, hopefully, I'll get a chance to recycle and BMOS (bring-my-own-specs.)

Everything was so beautiful, made even more special knowing that most everything seen was handmade. Just wait till you see the garden and the two "performances" within the film.

Wow, I want to say so much about this film but then I don't want to ruin anything so I will just say that the talent accumulated for this film was amazing! Also, here is a stream-of-conscious list that I wrote in the theater of things that stuck in my mind. After you see the film they may make sense and if you want to discuss, we'll just talk in the comments, ok?

French & Saunders
They Must Be Giants
origami moths on clothespins
canopy bed
bustle skirts
lazy susan
kangaroo mice
mushrooms and damp



Antoinette said...

I might have to see this one next weekend, during some time off! Didn't know it was showing in 3-d so I'll see if I can catch that one.

Anonymous said...

I paid a whopping $16 (+$2 for coffee, +2 for parking) to see this at a matinee yesterday - and it was worth every cent of the first $20 movie I've ever been to. LOVED it.

Anne At Large said...

We went on cheapo Tuesday night (matinee prices all day!) so it only cost as much as a regular movie for us. The extra cash is not for the glasses, we were told, but just because 3D movies are more expensive to make. Our theater had a big box to recycle your glasses when you're done with the movie.

Also, I did remember noticing the Other Mother had a lot of bustle action going on, you don't see that too much. I LOVED the TMBG song, and I only know Dawn French from the Vicar of Dibley so I spent way too long trying to figure out which one she was.

Also also, I am in love with the voice actor who did the cat. What a perfect cat he made, too. Mmm.

lsaspacey said...

Dawn was the short one and Jennifer Saunders was the umm..."voluptuous" one, but she's better known as Edina from Absolutely Fabulous.free@dom