Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick & Easy Sewing skirt and Simplicity 4077

My inspiration pics:

In real life:

The mid-calf length is fine but it's not the cute n' kicky feeling I was going for. Now I could keep this one as is and buy more fabric for a fun one, perhaps in a more fun color than GRAY!

Bonus: Here are pictures of the finished Simplicity 4077* blouse I finished a while ago. After wearing these two pieces to work together, I don't think it was the right combination for me. I felt like Laura Ingalls teaching school. I need to go through my clothes and figure out what works with this skirt to give it a more modern feel.

Yes, I know, I have to get better garment photos on this blog, right?

The finished waist.

When I put the elastic in the waist; at first, I only put it in the top casing. Something felt wrong so I decided to add another row of elastic. However, it feels too bulky now. I guess I'm just so used to waistbands on skirts. I'm thinking I might make a sash like the one below so I can wear tops inside the waistband with style.

Isn't this lovely?

Images: Phillip Lim, Devi Kroell, Phillip Lim, my own, Phillip Lim

*Did anyone else find the underarms and cuffs too tight on this blouse, or is it just me?


Laura said...

I couldn't make anything like this if my life depended on it- I am always in awe of other people's sewing abilities! I love the idea of adding a sash. I think it would give it a modern/romantic feel.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Both pieces came out really cute! I am loving those sashes on skirts.

lsaspacey said...

I remember a few years ago I wanted to make sashes attached to all my skirts and pants. I might still try it for my pants (with the bows in the back?) I was influenced by a collection by Romeo Gigli. Have you ever seen his stuff? Google him, you'll like it.

Stephanie said...

I like the skirt but agree it needs the right top. What about a fitted black tee?

Anne (in Reno) said...

I agree that the skirt would look nice with a fitted tee, I also think the sash idea is great, I would love to see an interesting colored tee tucked in to the sashed version of the skirt. Also don't you have crinoline-y things you could wear under the skirt to make it a little more kicky? I think it needs some contrasting colors going on to liven up the charcoal color.

Antoinette said...

Your skirt has nice volume! I like it and a sash would make it even prettier and more delicate.

As for S4077... I'm glad you finished yours and it looks great! I love the way that half-length sleeve option looks in the pattern envelope but I was not a fan of how they worked for me. They were too tight right at the cuff and luckily I'd slipped them over my arms and noted that at the pleat-basting step, so I modified accordingly. I still don't like the way they look, though.

I do like the short sleeve option -- cute, full at the sleeve cap, really quick to sew, and maybe that's one reason why the underarm area doesn't feel tight in the S4077's I've made.

Well done! It's great to see you sewing again! :)

jen said...

the sash makes all the difference. i'll have to try that sometime!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sash idea! Another idea I've seen around (and kind of used it in a skirt re-fashioning I did) is a wide elastic waistband....and then you sew the skirt to the bottom of it. I like to think that the elastic slims the waist and keeps the bulk away from it. The key is a wide elastic though, because a thin one will just did in and make least it does on me!