Monday, February 16, 2009

Temptation...but I held firm

I received a gift card to Macy's for my birthday. Which of course means that everything I see that is NOT in Macy's is something I want to buy. I looked through the store and found nothing that appealed to me.

However, walking through the mall I stepped into my old mainstay, New York & Company, and fell in love with two pieces and "in like" with two more.

In like:

Curvy shirt and Safari dress

In real life:

The shirt had a simple design with a covered button placket and a cute quirky sleeve treatment. On sale for $28, if you like it.

Pretend I meant this blurry, ok?

The safari-styled dress was nicely detailed (sorry about the pictures!) The covered placket hid a gorgeous hematite-colored zipper. If it wasn't for the discrepancy between my above-waist and below-waist measurements I would love this dress. However, tightening the belt enough to make the top looked right altered the clean line of the skirt. $60, if you like it.

In love:

Twist-tie dress and textured cardigan

This looked good with everything I tried it on with (see 2nd pic above). And it's not black or gray! It felt really substantial, not flimsy at all, great quality. But $50, not on sale.

Foxy Work appropriate

I thought this dress looked so good on me that I took way more pictures in it than you will ever see on this blog. As I've said before, if you think you look hot in the dressing room, then that item is definitely one that you need in your closet. However, this dress is not on sale and I ALWAYS buy on sale. This dress isn't even on their website so I can't watch and wait for it to go on sale and instead have to keep going back to the store and being tempted with full price, almost $60.

Dress detail and fabric closeup


Laura said...

I love the sweater and the dress. FYI, if you sign up for NY & Co's email list they send you great coupons. (usually $20 off a $60 purcahse.) You need to buy that dress!

drwende said...

All very cute on you!

Now that you have photos... take another trip to the best Macy's in your area and see if you can match specific items. Stuff that didn't stand out in the maelstrom may actually be there if you're looking for it.

Antoinette said...

That dress is smokin'! Great find. I don't want to encourage spending if you really don't want to spend, but there are also interesting coupons to be found online that you can print and bring to a physical retail store.

I like that cardigan, too!

lsaspacey said...

Laura, I used to get the coupons (I still have their credit card) but I haven't received any lately. :(

Wende, thanks!

Antoinette, good idea! I do really like this dress.

Amy Bailes said...

You've got to buy the dress!!! It looks great on you.

lsaspacey said...

I re-signed up at the website last night. So we'll see how fast I get my coupons.

Anonymous said...

Awesome selection of those dresses and stylish sweaters by New York & Company...