Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yellow Dress Update

McCall's 8154 is officially out of the running. It's now down to the other three.

This morning I did a quick pattern fit for the two never-before-made vintage patterns. I pinned in the darts for both and pinned together the shoulder seam to get an idea of where the bust darts and waistline would hit me. They both did very well on those points.

McCall's 3133 seemed to fit pretty well. There may be some issue with the back being wide enough to fit my kaboose but I'll add some play room to the seam allowances in the hip area, just in case. I am still a big fan of it's long diagonal dart on the front piece. Very flattering.

Simplicity 4429; however, seems to have a very tight armhole (which seems true in the pattern illustration) so I think a muslin will be in order, if not of the entire bodice, at least for the armhole facing. Maybe once that piece is cut out of forgivable fabric instead of tissue paper it will actually fit.

Simplicity 3835 is still in the running but only because it is still the easiest to make. However, I think I really want a more sleek look than it will achieve. While the other two involve sewing on neckline and armhole facings, the Built By Wendy would be just front, back, and simple sleeve construction. So, will it will feel more like a weekend errand dress though?


Stephanie said...

If you're looking for a day/errand dress, have you considered Simplicity 2584, 2586, or 2702? Joann's is having a sale on Simplicity patterns this weekend...

Antoinette said...

You know, I couldn't decide what to vote for in your previous post. Now I am really liking that McCall's 3133. I am liking it a whole, whole lot. Esp. for you, Miss Skinny Mini.

lsaspacey said...

Yeah, I was shocked that no one picked that one either. I'm definitely going to make both, the question is just which one first. My problem is I only feel like pinning and cutting out garments on the weekend so this project has to wait another day. Literally.