Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maternity Dress UFO to WIP - Vogue 9277

I just discovered that I still have the project that started my fear of sewing with two-way stretch knits; Vogue 9277.

This dress (View A) was meant to be a present for one of my oldest friends on the occasion of her first pregnancy. After what I just experienced with the two knit dresses and the top I was shocked to find the state of this project and acknowledge that I never completed it. The stretch Velour fabric I had picked is much more stable than what I just worked with. It also has the simplest construction: shoulder seams, side seams, sew skirt to bodice, sleeves, neckline elastic, hem and it's done. SO simple and it would have been so lovely. The worst thing is that it has been completely cut out all these years. I just needed to get over myself and complete it.

So, that's what I am going to do. Even though the pregnancy it was meant for produced an adorable little girl who is now...get this...nine years old!!! And has a baby sister two years younger. So yes I had two chances to make this and didn't. I thought my sewing procrastination problem was new but this proves that wrong, doesn't it?

Since it's not an extremely maternity-looking dress it might go to the original recipient despite her not being pregnant now; I might keep it; or I might give it to a friend who is currently pregnant who might like it. We'll see when it is done.

I'll have this done by next week, I promise.


drwende said...

Give it to the currently pregnant friend -- that's a more elegant cut than I see on preggers women on the street.

treva e said...

I would definitely give it to the preggers friend. She would appreciate it more I'm sure.
Have fun finishing that!