Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, I got to see one of my favorite holiday movies, Home For the Holidays, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Holly Hunter and Dylan McDermott. I think I love this film because the family dynamics are so real. It's not a pretty picture of family life but it seems more real than typical Hollywood fare. You can watch the whole movie here on YouTube in ten parts. If you've never seen it, definitely give it a try.

Now I just have to see my other favorite Hollywood film, 1945's Christmas in Connecticut starring Barbara Stanwyck. This film is pure Hollywood, vintage-style and just lovely.

I did a bit more sewing, but man am I slow! I miss the days where I didn't stop until I was exhausted, sometimes sewing until early the next morning. Last night, though I was still up late I was watching TV instead of sewing.


Cosmo said...

Christmas in Connecticut is one of my holiday faves.

Stephanie said...

I love Home for the Holidays too - I will have to check out Christmas in Connecticut, I've never seen it. Can't wait to see what you're sewing.

Antoinette said...

Hey you -- hope you had a great holiday! I'd love to watch more of the seasonal stuff, but we were whisked away to the land of "Top 12 of 2009", including the new Star Trek, Up, The Taking of Pelham 123, etc.

Julia said...

Ahhhh.... Christmas movies. I hope I have time to watch some.