Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"I Already Made This One" Dress - Style 2318 (OOP)

Practically. Sorta.

Over 10 years ago I made a brown wool crepe dress from a Style pattern that I truly wish I hadn't thrown out. UPDATE: Found it! It was Style 2318, c. 1994. It was lovely and I did a great job with it. Unfortunately, it just looked ridiculous on. When I made the dress I really miscalculated on the size and I was swimming in the dress. One thing about the design that didn't help at all was that it required huge shoulder pads. Imagine this; huge linebacker shoulders and then a sack (a heavy wool sack!) of a dress swimming on a tiny girl. However, because I loved the design, that dress has been with me ever since, though it was only worn once or twice. Today, I decided to try it and a few of my old vintage pieces on. While none of the ones I actually used to wear could even be zipped up (or get past my hips), this one FITS!!! Yes, and it fits like it was always supposed to. Amazing.

Fifteen pounds heavier and with bust, waist, and hip measurements all three inches fits. See for yourself:

Forgive me, the dress had not been pressed in 10 years either!

I had no idea when I put that Simplicity pattern above in my wish list that it was really because I was remembering details from this dress. Notice the interest at the neckline (with a pull-through tie) and the dolman sleeves (actually called magyar sleeves) that became tighter towards the wrists.

 Style 2318 (OOP)
Also, can you believe I made this in high school? To wear to high school? Yeah, I was a strange duck.


drwende said...

It looks STUNNING on you, as in "I am envying your figure and elegance." Now that's what a dress should do.

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Oh how lovely! I'm so happy you can wear it now!

Pattern Junkie said...

Beautiful! Much more elegant than the stuff I was making for myself in high school!

jen said...

oh, it's totally fabulous. love that brown and the neckline is so cool!

A DC said...

Beautiful! What a fantastic dress!

Kyle said...

That's lightyears beyond what I made in high school! Great job!

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

You were just thinking ahead. Wonderfully elegant dress.