Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Pretty for the Weekend

I love the mint green tea, raspberry, and lemonade color palette of these pattern covers! Yum. That actually makes me think of raspberry (or strawberry) lemonade, one of my summer drink staples.

Simplicity 2229

I want View 1, check out the open back and neck collar, it's slinky, a bit bare, but still very covered in front.

Customode* 8169

This one, I'm all over the green tea dress, it is simple in design with the gathered neckline but the added flounce (mini-train) at the hem and the elegantly draped sash add so much to the dress. I also adore the raspberry velvet(?) wrap jacket. Do you see how it wraps both in front and in the back? Gorgeous!

* Customode was actually produced by Simplicity Patterns so maybe that's why I have the same feeling for these both and why the design and colors are similar.


Anonymous said...

Great picks. The backs of those dresses are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I have a sudden hankering for a hibiscus lemonade.

I'm with you on the Simplicity pattern. The first view is so chic!

Julia said...

These are so pretty and glamorous!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oooh, we need Simplicity to re-release those!