Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion In Film: Want To Dress Like Laura Petrie?

The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)
Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore
Costume Design: Harald Johnson, Marge Makau

I mean, have you seen the show lately? Almost everything she wore on The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966) could be worn today. Lovely, flattering, classic shapes and styles. I was searching for a picture of her in the capri pants (which turned out to be cigarette pants instead) and I discovered an amazing source of saved jpegs from the show, all saved on photobucket by LauraPetrie675 here.

Yes, a collection of 366 screenshots!!

Laura Petrie is well known for her cigarette pants, which caused a sensation, housewives nationwide were soon wearing them:

I covet her simple tops with their subtle details or optical patterns. She rarely wore shirts with buttons and I believe these were pullovers or fastened in the back.

What do you think about this, doesn't this top look like it could be a Pierre Cardin knock-off?

LauraPetrie675 is also working on another album of general 60s fashion which already includes images of Mad Men, Emma Pillsbury, Ali McGraw and I Dream of Jeanie.

Thank you, oh thank you, LauraPetrie675!

Coming up...the dresses!


Lindacakes said...

Regardless that I was quite an ethnic looking little American-Italian girl, I wanted to be Laura Petrie!
It never dawned on me (until I just read your blog) that now as a 53 year-old woman, I actually do dress like Laura Petrie!
My-my the influences of watching television in the 1960's!

Denise Calhoun said...

She was so perky!

MC said...

I just happened across this post -- I'm "laurapetrie675"! I'm so thrilled that you tracked down the album and enjoyed the screencaps so much. When I spent all that time working on them I felt like a nut, since I didn't know if anyone else would be interested in seeing them. I adore Laura Petrie's style, however, so it was a fun project. You're so right -- most of her clothes could be worn today with only minor tweaks, and they'd look totally appropriate and lovely. Such a classic style.


lsaspacey said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you found this! Also glad you're not angry that I re-posted them here.;)

If you notice some of my sleeveless tops (red one, last white one) look like something she wore, that was done on purpose. I have some cigarette pants I plan to make in the fall too. Thank you, thank you for going to the trouble of the screencaps but for also for making them public!

MC said...

Oh no, not angry at all! On the contrary, I'm happy you're getting some enjoyment out of my crazy project. That it's inspired your sewing is icing on the cake. It makes me wish I knew how to sew, so I could make some Laura-ish clothes for myself. As it is I'm always on the prowl for vintage clothes that remind me of her, and I've purchased more than a few brooches over the years because of her love of a well-placed pin. ;)

Anonymous said...

So Do I!

I love love love her dresses.

And I'm a teenage girl too by the way so there. :)

Blakeney said...

Her clothes were absolutely beautiful - so classy, and so timeless!

MizPickles said...

I am only finding your blog now! Looks great and love the bit about Laura, her fashions were so slick, and yes pretty timeless I think. Ballerinas and capris (although my mom called them 'pedal pushers') look so tidy for a casual look. Laura's a fashion icon!

Ladylike said...

My name is Laura, I tend to use my husband's face book! I've searched literally for YEARS looking for those "laura Petrie pants" I got so excited seeing this, I definitely should have lived in that era!! I'm 52 but I love more conservative clothing. Lady like and feminine! Please tell me how to find those pants. The closest I've come is today's Capri pants, or skinny jeans that are really tapered and very tight. Hers are loose and move with her. Most of what I remember my mom wore them ,slacks ,as they were called,zipped up side or back! Not to be mistaken for men's pants with a fly! I do love my Levi 501's. But on occasion. I'd be in heaven if I could find these like laura petrie's!! Eternally grateful for your help!!!!!! Laura beth!!!!!

Michelle Monk said...

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You also could always take straight leg pants to a tailor.
Thanks for sharing these pictures! Laura petri was such a great role model, for fashion and character!