Thursday, February 02, 2012

Retro From Head To Toes

Seychelles Footwear, for all the retro loving girls out there. I've known of this company for years, seen their name around, but never really checked out their shoe collections. Since I mentioned them in my post about the costumes of the Muppet Movie I had to find the link to their site. What I found was a great collection of modern and gorgeous vintage-inspired shoes whose prices range from $70 to $130*, which is much cheaper than similar styles from Anthropologie. Because I prefer vintage style here are my favorites from their latest collection:

Backspace Hamburg


All Dressed Up

Images: Seychelles Shoes
* Their boots price in the $120 to $330 range.


Linda T said...

Wow, very cool shoes! I must check this out! thanks.

Ahka Vintage said...

There was an audible 'eeeeekkk' when I saw these photos! Now I have something else to save for! xx

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