Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frustration Breeds Craftiness

Frustrated about my delayed sewing project this weekend, I just moved on to another project.

Like many, I have become obsessed with Pinterest and have been pinning things like crazy. I noticed a few people have created so-called "Made From Pinterest" groups, where they hope to actually follow through on their inspiration pins. Well, I went and made one of my pin projects real.

As seen in my Pinterest and Flicker pools:

Sally J Shim tutorial, Oslo necklace by Le voyage creatif

My versions

Though this kind of necklace is REALLY easy to make and I had the materials for a few months, I still dragged my feet. You see, I really wanted to make a necklace like these but couldn't figure out how to approximate the fired enamel look of the beads. Well, since I had enough beads to do that project later, I instead decided to try the natural look.

The final is made of two strands of 1/8" black satin ribbon while the practice one is made of inferior white twine (the ends frayed badly). Both necklaces used the same decorative metal beads and wooden ones in three different sizes from Ben Franklin.

The making is SO EASY, but I did refer to this tutorial by Sally J. Shim.

Images: Sally J Shim , Le voyage creatif, my own scans