Monday, January 26, 2009

How could I have not told you this?!

I just realized that even though I earlier revealed by Daniel Craig crush and the fact that I don't like UK actors having to hide their accents on US television, I have never spoken about my long life as a Anglophile or the fact that I adore illustration and animation. So with this post, that all will change from now on.

The video I showed last week (that has me in a thrall) for Winter Song just happened to be designed by a British firm, Crush Design and Art Direction.

A true treat for you is that a higher resolution version can be seen here, (found via Cartoon Brew)

Also welcome Ward-O-Matic and Orange You Lucky to my blog roll. Ward has a great blogroll of illustrators and animators you should check out.


Antoinette said...

I didn't know about your Daniel Craig crush, but really, who could blame you? I love fun illustrators, too. I subscribe to Orange You Lucky and will check out Ward-O-Matic! Thanks!

puglyfeet said...

Oh yes. British accents and Bond. Love them both, too. Thanks for the Ward-O-Matic link.