Monday, January 12, 2009

What I have now

While I don't have the clothes, the armchair, a roaring fire, or a good book at the moment, I am drinking the hot tea.

I received a sample a month ago with my usual Mint Green tea. It's from Celestial Seasonings and is a new type of tea and flavor; Madagascar Vanilla Red Rooibos herb tea.

First off, it smells heavenly, doesn't need any sugar (but then, I never use any in tea or coffee), is caffeine free, and most importantly, makes me feel comfortable and pampered. Like Martha would say, 'that's a good thing.'


Marcy said...

I'm trying to do no sugar/substitute in my tea and coffee also; do you use honey? Or do you add nothing at all.

lsaspacey said...

Nothing at all. So I tend to like flavored things like this. You have to get used to it, I started 15 years ago when I worked in a coffee shop and loved the hazelnut-flavored coffee.