Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Year Prophecy

Some years ago I got it into my head (and still can't get it out) that what I'm actually doing on New Year's Eve, when it hits midnight, would influence the coming year. I want to stop doing that, as it's a lot of pressure, but every year or so it turns out eerily so.

Check this out from last year's post on my New Year:

...When I got home, I turned up the heat, had soup and toast, and laid down for a short nap. I woke to see on the clock 8:20 PM, vowed to get up but the next thing I saw was 3:20AM on the clock! Oh well...I sure hope this doesn't mean I'm doomed to sleep through 2009...

As it turns out that is exactly how I would describe what I DID DO with this past year. I sleep-walked through the whole thing.

So tonight, wish me luck.


Antoinette said...

Well, for heaven's sake -- tonight, DON'T DRINK ANYTHING!!! LOL

ATG said...

I get that same sentiment stuck in my head. This year I spent New Year's at the hospital with my Mom... does this mean it will be a year of a hospitalized mother? Egads, I hope not!