Monday, December 14, 2009

S Is For Sucky Health Insurance

Well, I have to get a crown for my tooth. But I wasn't able to get it Friday. Why not?

Get this. My insurance company could not be reached. The receptionist tried to get through to Member Services first for a half hour while I waited in reception and then continued trying while I was being examined. Yup. Can you believe that? Some message said the department was not available and in a meeting? At 9 to 10AM in the morning. Whaa?

So my dentist will be calling me Monday IF they can get through to this HUGE insurance company and let me know how much it will be. Then we reschedule so I can take even more time off of work ( I get paid by the hour!) to get it taken care of.

So I sat all weekend with a hole in my mouth.

Some good news: I did do some sewing this weekend but nothing was completed. Hopefully soon.


Antoinette said...

Hang in there! This will get taken care of!

julia said...

I would rather be any where besides in the dentist chair! I have no dental insurance. That makes it even worse. Good luck!

Kyle said...

The good news is you're not in pain! Like Antoinette said, just hang in there, it will be taken care of!

Rose said...

Dental work is always annoying. I had a dental surprise earlier this autumn. Aargh (and ARRGH when the novacaine wore off). Regarding your dental insurance company, you should contact your HR department and make certain they are aware of the what happened. It doesn't sound like very good customer service and people who negotiate the contracts should be aware. I wish you luck with your dental care.

Rose in SV

life insurance in Canada said...

I agree that at least you can be lucky that you are not in pain. I've got friend who had to delay his examination at his dentist with hole in his mouth or tooth and unfortunately got some infection. When I met him he couldn't even speak. Moreover, I think it was quite expensive for him because of poor insurance. Hope you will be fine.

Good luck,

A DC said...

Did you ever get it taken care of?

Adam benson said...
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Unknown said...
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