Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let It Snow

It started snowing yesterday at 5PM before I left work. I had to dust off my car before I could start off. Luckily, I had gone to the grocery store on Wednesday so I could go straight home. You see, the people in this city go into Armageddon-hoarding mode whenever there is a snow/rain storm advisory.

I planned to wake up this morning and clear off my car, but hey, that didn't happen. So right now, my hatchback looks like an adorable little igloo from my third-story window. And I've spent the day half in bed and half in front of the computer catching up on my blog reading. I could have spent the day nestled up in blankets on the couch but there was nothing on TV (no cable) , I had already finished reading Cold Mountain Thursday, and I'm saving the movie A Very Long Engagement for tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and right now I'm eating another slice of Marie Callender's Coconut Cream pie, which luckily I bought on Wednesday. Oh, YUM!

By the way, I finished a UFO and will take pictures tomorrow. I also need to finish my holiday dress for a party on Tuesday night. So, take care everyone and have a great (and safe) weekend!


Antoinette said...

Stay warm and safe! Nothing but beautiful sunshine (high temps around 55-60 F) down here.

A DC said...

Mmmm, coconut cream pie... :)

kanishk said...

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