Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Lookee what I got for $8.50!

Did you buy any $.99 patterns at Jo-Ann's or Hancock's this past weekend?

I did!

Which is amazing because I haven't been in the mood to buy patterns in a LONG time, even when they're only $.99. I just didn't feel I liked sewing enough or had enough motivation to justify the buying of more patterns that might just sit around unmade mocking me. So I guess I'm feeling better about sewing, huh?

I came home with 3 Butterick and 5 Simplicity. Oh, and two vintage ones sneaked in when my Dad and I did the circuit of thrift stores in Newport News this weekend. Here are my lovelies:

Butterick 5415, Butterick 5259, Butterick 5429

Simplicity 2404, Simplicity 2587, Simplicity 2560

Simplicity 2591, Simplicity 2406

Oldies but Goodies:

Simplicity 6034, McCall's 6786

I love how 1930s-40s that 1973 pattern looks and I actually owned the McCall's one when I was in college. I made that shirt in an aubergine rayon challis. I bought it this time ($.25) for the pants.

P.S. The links under the new patterns take you to their individual pages on PatternReview.com.


Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Great haul! I am always trying to resist buying more patterns because I already own all the patterns in the world, but rarely does my better nature prevail.

Antoinette said...

I also recently picked up Simplicity 2404! Nice, clean lines.

Julia said...

Wow enough to keep you busy for a while!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I missed those in the Butterick catalog...I'll have to go look again.

I haven't bought patterns in a while. My pattern box is stuffed to the brim, so mentally I can't justify anymore...but I'd be lying if I weren't itching. ;)

lsaspacey said...

Those Buttericks are pretty old, I've been thinking about them for over a year! Thought I should get them before they went out-of-print.

Elaray said...

For someone who hasn't been in the mood to buy patterns you did great! Patterns are possibilities. They aren't going to spoil and you'll probably use them eventually.