Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marci Tilton & Vogue Patterns

I've been intrigued by this Vogue 8499 skirt and pants for a while but I really wanted them after I saw this version of the skirt on the noile dot net blog.

How fun, how useful!

Also, I found these images on the designer's site which show how cute those same pieces from the pattern cover look when styled.

Then there's Vogue 8430 that I could make out of fleece that I won't need to hem! Sounds like my kind of project!

This one, Vogue 8559 intrigues me too.

I've always loved inventive patterns. I actually had my mother make me many Issey Miyake patterns from Vogue when I was in junior high that she would not have attempted on her own.

Please check out the Marci Tilton website. weather you like her style or not, her site offers a wealth of information.

  • Her tutorials are worth it if you decide to construct one of her garments.
  • She lets you browse through her closet with her personal variations on her patterns, including her Paris Travel Wardrobe she constructed.
  • She offers great information on sewing with the fabrics that she prefers; like knits*, and sells on her site.
  • Her sister is now selling patterns through Vogue too!

Images are linked

Anna Sui wood grain wool coating $20; Shade Garden mesh knit $18;
Japanese Hemp & Tencel $25; Missoni sweater knit $15;
Art Deco Silk Charmeuse $18; Dappled Deep mesh knit $15

  • Yes, I said, she sells the most fabulous fabrics there; you must check out the mesh knits and the tulle laces.
  • For a while there she was even selling chocolate in the sewing notions section! How perfect was that?
*I love how she says the only knits she won't sew with are interlock. So how come they're the only knits we can find in abundance in Hancock's or Jo-Ann's?!?


spottedroo said...

Oh...very dangerous. I hadn't seen that site before but the fabrics are delicious. I love that pieced skirt pattern too.

ATG said...

I like those tan Vogue 8499 pants. They look really comfy.
I also like the Vogue 8430 in the green with the scarf-like collar. :)