Friday, September 17, 2010

And Away I Went...

My road trip two weekends ago into Pennsylvania was highly successful!

I saw:
  • Sister's 1 and 2
  • my freshman college roommate, SK-B
  • her 3-year old son, for the first time
  • an episode of Mad Men when it actually aired (I don't have cable)
  • a new-to-me IKEA in Conshohocken, PA
  • movie costumes actually worn by Bette Davis, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.*
  • an Amish buggy and horse
  • lots of cows and horses
  • a half-size race horse masquerading as Sister 2's year-old "puppy"!
I drove:
  • through 5 states (VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ)
  • and put over 500 miles on my car
  • during a holiday weekend and had no traffic problems at all!
I also received from my sisters a Coach bag (used) for interviews, a wooden egg sock darner, multiple yards of white eyelet fabric, and about 10 issues of More magazine.

Oh, and while I was away I was mentioned on awesome Australian blog I Wanna Frock and Roll All Night. Moggy took my suggestion and made the Sew Stylish One-Hour Dress. I would love it if anyone who has made that dress would post about it, for it really is a quick and satisfying sew. A great first sewing project.

Viva la roadtrip!

Note: Michener Museum costume exhibit post coming up as soon as I get my pictures uploaded!


Antoinette said...

What a fabulous-sounding road trip! I'm going to PA next week! Won't be as productive a trip as yours sounds, though.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! What an amazing trip.