Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is a Duster in My Future

This little pattern, Vogue 7714, arrived Saturday from Lanetz Living and the pattern was only $3!

You will not believe how long I've wanted a few jackets like this in my wardrobe. Some made out of brocades, silks, upholstery fabrics, and maybe stable double knits. Somehow, I never got around to making them, even though the image below has been on my inspiration board for years.

J. Jill crepe knit duster*

I love everything about this look from the necklace to the shoes. How simple, how easy a way to spice up a simple outfit, right? I was convinced to purchase that pattern now because this other one that I used to drool over also showed up in the vintage pattern shops online:

Vogue 1406 (OOP)

If that wasn't enough, I then saw this version in J. Jill's latest catalog, so I felt I had to give in this time. Did I mention, the pattern was only $3?

J. Jill tweed cardi coat

Even though the Donna Karan design has more of a flare, this will be easy to add to the straight jacket pattern that I bought. Oh, and I also love the gently flared pants, of which I already have a suitable pattern.

Last but not least, during a recent trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics, I found the perfect fabric for coat #1:

see thumb for scale

Patterned moleskin in black, white, and shades of gray. I can't wait for it to go on sale! Right now it's $14 per yard. :(

* No longer available.


MushyWear said...

I love dusters too and the whole style you highlight really! I hope the fabric goes on sale soon, or you get one of those 50% off coupons, if Jo Ann's still does those!

Crystal said...

I love dusters, too. I am in love with so many that I see at, in lots of gorgeous prints.

A DC said...

Those dusters are very cool. I like the largest picture on the pattern you bought as well as your inspiration photo.

Does Jo Ann's do coupons? Maybe you can catch that cool fabric on sale.

SEWN said...

Looks like a great coat. You should definitely make it.