Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Debut of the Quick Ribbon Belt

The view from above

Okay, yes I made this dress, McCall's 5042, years ago. The pattern suggested making a simple ribbon belt or to just tie a length of ribbon around your waist. Well, of course I chose to do the more time-consuming option and then took a long time to finish. A year ago, I bought three lengths of grosgrain ribbon in coordinating colors of orange, turquoise, and brown. Almost a month ago, I finally finished the belt and now I'm posting about it.

So, there.

What finally made me decide to finish was seeing Tilly's similar bow belt made with fabric. You can actually use her tutorial for this one, just skip steps 1-6! The instructions for the belt were included in the McCall's pattern, but I changed the way that it fastened. The last thing I wanted was a belt that would pop open every time I sat down. Therefore, I decided to incorporate a row of two snaps and a hook and eye closure for security.

All of the hardware goes under the middle of the bow, seen best in these next two photos.

In action:

Up close

I still have the turquoise and brown ribbons so I can make two more. Luckily, all of these colors coordinate with quite a few different dresses in my closet. In fact, the orange belt's first successful outing was with my McCall 6712 muu muu dress.
Try it. You'll like it.


Julia said...

How clever!!!! Love it!

Debi said...

Love this belt!! Fantastic idea!

Angela said...

Cute belt~! I've been meaning to make this belt, too, since I first saw Tilly's tutorial

Antoinette said...

Cute! That belt's got a lot of personality.

Kerry said...


I just don't know what I'd wear it with.