Friday, April 25, 2008

WT (very belated) Week 3: Jackets and Cardigans

  1. Torture Devices.
    Dusky blue linen jacket - very elegant, very deconstructed, however, I think I'm more of a "constructed" type of girl now.
    Black wool vintage-look wool swing jacket from Forever 21. If only it wasn't black since I'm trying to move away from that.
    Ann Taylor brown silk jacket, also part of a suit where the bottom half was given away a long time ago.

  2. Velveteen Rabbits.
    Oriental silk jacquard jacket with ruby red lining and frog closures - This has actually been too small for years because it can no longer be closed. It is so gorgeous and such a find that it will probably become a Sentimental Journey and stay around for a bit.

  3. Superstars.
    No superstars. Unfortunately, the last superstar (a khaki jacket from Papaya) was lost (and then stolen) before I had a chance to make a copy from it. I have a small picture of it, but it had both an empire seam and princess seams on the bodice; instead of a zipper or buttons it closed with small metallic snaps and had open French cuff-like sleeve bands. It was very cheap and I was really excited to make a copy from it in the near future. Then, very soon after that, it disappeared.

  4. Stalwart Staples.
    Forever 21 red vintage 'swing' jacket This store really does have some nice jacket and coat designs and their styles are usually retro; very 1950s. Their quality is hit-and-miss, but this one only needed some reinforcement stitching here and there and some work done on the buttonholes.
    A one-button black Lycra cardigan from Target. With this I need to find a similar style in one or two "joyful" colors.
    J. Crew Jackie O-type jacket in green wool. It was part of a cute boxy suit but I outgrew (in all directions!) the short straight skirt and gave it away years ago.

  5. Same Time, Next Year.
    The same dusky blue jacket from above. This made it to this category because I really don't have anything to "go" with it, except some black and white pieces. In addition, because of its fabric - linen - it only comes out in Summer and because of its style, only for rare occasions.

    My two rarely worn work suits. I have been lucky that during the years, my work environments have been deemed work-casual. Suits for me have been required only for conference first impressions (followed by the wearing of separates with the suit pieces) and for job interviews.

    Therefore, this navy Casual Corner (remember them?) suit is still in my wardrobe despite being more than eight years-old. Underneath the flattering cut of the jacket with its in-seam pockets is a boat-neck sleeveless shift dress.

    The olive three-piece suit was purchased from Ann Taylor Loft. The long, mid-thigh length jacket is matched with a pair of creased and cuffed pants and a straight pencil skirt. This suit is a bit dated only because of the non-typical length and the fact that the pockets zipper shut.

  6. Sentimental Journeys.
    My bebe pale green suede western-style jacket - It was a gift from a past boyfriend but it may be sold for money on consignment. Sentimentality does have a price tag apparently.

  7. Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip.
    A Tahari navy blue suit that I bought on sale when I truly believed that I was going to have the jacket tailored to fit...SEVEN years ago! It has never been worn. I hope to get this one to a consignment shop because luckily it's a very classic design.

What I need now:

  • A fitted brown or khaki jacket (but not a blazer type) that will go with at least 50% of my new outfits. This item has been VERY hard to find.
  • A sweet cardigan that will look good over dresses, simple but not too boring, and defnitely in colors other than black or brown.

    Anyone see anything cute (and affordable) out there?

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