Sunday, April 06, 2008

WT Week 3: Pants, alas...

  1. Torture Devices.
    All of my pants are currently in this category because none of them fit me. Over the last year, I lost about eight pounds, which adds up to almost two inches lost in my waist measurement. This means all of my pants now hang lower than they should, creating a VERY unflattering "droopy crotch" area. Um, attractive sounding, right? Aren't you glad there are no photos with this one?

    I refuse to buy new pants (and can't afford to) and I don't want to take them in because I want to gain that weight back. However, the waist difference is so big that even with a belt they look saggy. Therefore, the goal is to wear more skirts and dresses (see next post.)

  2. Velveteen Rabbits.One pair of pants that I bought in New Orleans that I always meant to copy because the fit was so great and I loved the drape of the fabric. They are starting to pill, which is unfortunate but means it will be easier to take a seam ripper to them

  3. Superstars.
    The ones that were superstars, no longer are because of the fit but hopefully will be again.

  4. Stalwart Staples. Garments that I wear frequently that aren't Superstars but look pretty good on me. Of these, I have two pairs of corduroys (Ann Taylor Loft and Old Navy.)

  5. Sentimental Journeys. None.

  6. Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip. I have one pair of black, red, and cream subtly striped trousers from Ann Taylor Loft because they were on sale. They are so subtle that from a distance they look dusty. Ugh. Sale items are probably the reason for MOLSTs anyway, right?
Instead of listing all the pants I do not like, here are some that I think work now or will work in time:

  • One pair gray pants with a crease; they are the right length and have a perfect break with any low-heeled shoes.

  • One pair black wool crepe trousers that I hold so precious that I don't remember the last time I even tried them on. Note: Must stop that and wear the good stuff more often before it looks dated or no longer fits.

  • Two pairs of winter pants I bought that have needed to be hemmed for two years now, i.e: never worn.

  • One pair drapey polyester pants that need their closure secured.

  • One pair brown linen drawstring pants from New York & Co. that I bought along with a matching short-sleeved button-down shirt. Together with my red floral top or one of my bra-tank tops, this makes a great casual summer suit. Note: They usually have this group in the store every year so I must have company.
What I need in my wardrobe:

  • Another pair of jeans, hopefully wide-legged* and some more casual pants using simple patterns perhaps with subtle or not so subtle patterned fabrics.

Though, according to the news, I might have just missed this "fad."


drwende said...

Aha -- with your weight loss, you've discovered the Diaper Look in pants. Dreadful, isn't it?

As far as wide legs on pants, if the shape looks fantastic on your figure, then you should be able to wear a moderate version of that cut regardless of whether it's "in" or "out." A truly flattering shape will just read as "pants."

lsaspacey said...

What I actually meant is that because "fashion" sees it as a fad that is over I may be too late to find ones like those I saw when everyone made their versions recently.

And oh yes, I walk around everyday feeling so HOT in my diaper-like
pants. Too bad Hammer-pants aren't "IN" right now!

zooza said...

That Vogue pattern looks good - and thank you for reminding me about corduroys. They used to be my stalwart staples, but I don't have any right now (all got sacrificed to DIY).

Also, on the dresses front - if you haven't read my blog entry for today, go and have a look. I have an offer for you that might make a decision easier for me. You can email me at my "junk" email address zoozamail...googlemail.