Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WT Week 3: Dresses, dresses, dresses....

Guess what?

That wasn't even all of my dresses. Since I've been behind on WT I just decided to go with what I had. I'll probably revisit dresses in Week 7: Leftovers. I have many more of the easy cotton/Lycra pull-on dresses (love these!) I really did want to show actual pictures of my favorites; the BCBG "Audrey" dress, the bronze velour, and the blue brocade; so they may show up then.

The amazing thing is that I still have so many dresses on my sewing to-do list.

In college, there was no dress code so wearing a vintage dress to class was doable and don't forget getting dressed for even the most mundane of college parties. I wore vintage dresses as part of my everyday wardrobe back then and yes, I have even more of them for my Sentimental Journeys column than I showed.

However, even though I still see myself as a DRESS girl, most people who see me nowadays probably think I prefer pants. You see, almost every office I've worked in the last few years have been freezing (no matter what season!) and pants + tights + thermal socks + boots just worked out better for my comfort level. However, the advent of light-weight silk thermal garments have evened the field for me, so dresses year-round here I come!

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