Monday, September 22, 2008

Mad Men: Details of the Recaps

I am done viewing the first three episodes of Season One. I am officially hooked on this show!

I' m still trying to figure out a way to do these posts on the women of Mad Men and their clothes. Initially, I was just going to talk about the outfits in the episodes. However, Episode One had quite a few and we weren't even introduced to a properly dressed Betty Draper yet! So my first post will just be a simple introductory of the women in that episode, a bit about their style and what it seems to tell us about them.

In future episodes, I think I might show patterns from that time period similar to the clothes in the episode for those who are into sewing with vintage patterns. Then some outfits, I might show modern patterns that would be good to use in order to replicate the style. Or perhaps, I'll just write each post in the way in which the episode drives me. Regardless, I hope you will enjoy them and find them good for some use.

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