Sunday, September 21, 2008

So-so sewing along...

I have been sewing but I don't have anything new to show just yet.

A few weeks ago I did make a few changes to my pattern mash-up shirt from this post. I tightened the elastic at the neck and wrists and then I shortened the hem to a more attractive length.

I am currently on the last steps of this dress, vintage McCall's 6712 (see fabric below). FINALLY. I just have the self-fabric belt to make.

The pattern called for woven interfacing which doesn't seem to be very popular anymore. I could only find black in the stores, when I needed white. My local fabric stores are convenient to a book store so I decided to check the content of their sewing books for a run-down on interfacing types. I wanted to know if there was a definite reason I should use woven instead of the now popular non-woven that comes in sew-in and fusible types. There was no information in the current crop of sewing books but then they aren't pushing using vintage patterns. The only two books that helped me were Sewing for Dummies (!) and, of course, the latest version of my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing I have to say it again, this book is a definite Must-Have if you can't get your hand on any original sewing books from the 40's or 50's.

Dress above with friends

I'm also working on two Purl Fabric frogs, however, I'm stumped. The original designs were to be made as bean bags, but since these might be gifts for teething children, who will definitely put these in their mouths I don't know what to fill these with. If I fill with beans, they will sprout because of the moisture. I need to find something safe for children, anyone have any ideas?

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