Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Use Anthropologie as sewing inspiration

Every now and then I go to Anthropologie for some visual stimulation and inspiration. I rarely buy anything (only two things that were very much on sale a few years ago). But I always come out of that store with ideas. Sometimes I see a way I could embellish something I already own or I see something that I could create once I give a second look through my pattern stash and buy a few new pieces of trim. This is what I saw this past holiday weekend:

RicRac Anya Tee, $39

Great fit, love the collar and sleeves, but I'm not buying black tops anymore and it only came in black! Has anyone seen a sewing pattern similar to this?

Velvet's Whirly Gig Cowlneck, $58

This top is more basic than the one above because of simpler sleeves and cowlneck. So, how about a pattern for this one?

Sleeping on Snow's Armana Jasmine Cardigan, $128

I love the felted wool applique petals and flowers. I must add some of these to my old sweaters and make some colorful pins for all my black jackets and coats.

Moth's Capacious cardigan, $98
This had an ingenious design. Once opened up it was just a large trapezoid, wider at the bottom with two inset sleeves located halfway down. The two layers of very thin knit were attached only through the sleeves, the button area at the right and then tacked together at the same place on the left front. Check out the quick sketch I made of its construction in the dressing room:

I swear that's what it looks like!


etoilee8 said...

Were we separated at birth? I thought I was the only person that goes into the Anthropologie fitting room with my sketch pad in hand. . . and then I skip out empty handed, off to the fabric store.

lsaspacey said...

Unless, you have beau coup bucks it's really the best thing to do. Next time, I'll remember my camera for the intricate details. I won't feel bad because 1 I won't be making these for other people and 2, I'm lucky if I actually make one for myself!

Adrienne said...

I ALWAYS leave Anthropologie ready to sew. Haven't ever bought anything there (other than hardware to give a new dresser life), but looking at all the clothes is SO inspiring. Thanks for the sketch!

lsaspacey said...

Let me know if you try to make it, ok?

-s said...

I just started sewing and am already trying to figure out some of the Anthropologie designs. Currently, I'd love to re-create their current "Globemallow" dress; especially the top. I can't figure it out though since I'm so new to this!

zees5 said...

I have bought a few anthro things on sale and basically have been disappointed in their fabrics b/c they do not hold up and Anthro has lousy customer service and won't stand behind their products. I would say their sweater are an exception. But their flirty little tops won't stand the test of time.

So you're better off knocking off! (: Can you tell us the measurements of the trapezoid? I never thought of taking my camera shopping with me - maybe next time (:

Danielle @ said...

I've totally used my camera in my phone in the dressing room. I take a picture of me in the dress as well...kind of gives you a more objective view of what it looks like on. Never though to actually sketch it in the changing room though!