Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Traditional Techniques Make Modern Magic

Note: This was originally published on the 2Modern Design Talk blog.

The Vlisco company in the Netherlands creates West and Central African fabric designs. They specialize in traditional wax prints on 100% cotton that is used to create modern clothing and accessories. The wonderful thing about this fabric is that it is wax printed and dyed on both sides of the cloth; therefore, the designs are rich, textural, and full of body.

Also their incredibly lovely advertising images makes the fabric instantly covetable.

Even the simplest dress design would be amazing in these fabrics. Purchase of the fabric is available here in increments of six yards each for only 45 to 60 Euros or $65 or $8 US. That price is extremely reasonable!

1 comment:

drwende said...

That is the most GORGEOUS fabric.

Skip the dress -- I just want to wrap much of my environment in random swaths of it.