Friday, May 28, 2010

Polynosic What-sis?

Have you heard of polynosic fabric*? Me neither, not until I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics a few months ago to get in on that $.99 Butterick sale. There, I found the most beautiful fabric, in a fabulous color, and with a fabulous drape and feel to it.

Jo-Ann had quite a few different bolts of this type of fabric but only one like this! This one has a twill-like weave and the color is like old-fashioned sharkskin in that it primarily looked dusky blue but reflected green when you bent or curved it around your hand (and when photographed!). Then, surprise, the reverse of it was a medium lavender shade! It was just screaming to be made into a sheath dress with a coordinating jacket that would somehow use the reverse side. The weirdest thing is that there was no color name assigned to the bolt. All of the pieces weather they were solids, a marled grey & black, or this one were just listed as "Polynosic woven solid" on the bolt. How curious, right?

Yup, the same piece of fabric!

Check out that crazy selvage!

Too bad I can't buy any fabric until I'm done with what I already have (or I get a new job). It's been in the store for three months now so maybe I'll still get lucky.

By the way, has anyone sewn with this type of fabric yet?

*It also sometimes goes by the name Modal.


Julia said...

I haven't seen that fabric, but it sounds wonderful! It really would be pretty made into a dress and jacket combo with both sides of the fabric worked in some way!
Surely it will go on sale at JoAnn's soon.

Elaray said...
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Elaray said...

You didn't buy any? I would have been compelled to buy it! LOL

It looks really interesting. I can't imagine what I would do to show off the two colors. I like Julia's suggestion.

Debi said...

LOVE the colors! It looks fabulous!!