Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My First "Real" Interview Suit - Vogue 2883

I've been searching vintage pattern shops for months trying to locate images of patterns I had sewn in my major sewing years (late 1980s and early 90s) but one continued to elude me. I wrote about it; the suit I wore for my first "real" interview, here. I hated the fact that I couldn't remember what pattern it was. So after I wrote that post I looked for images of similar suits that I could alter to show how the suit jacket looked, at least in my memory. These were my two examples:

Simplicity 3862 and Simplicity 3478

I actually used a lot of Photoshop on the yellow jacket to resemble the one I remembered by adding details and rounding the corners of the jacket.

Well, recently an amazing thing happened to me and in that stash of 150 patterns from the lovely Pat; what would jump out at me but the very pattern I had been seeking! Uncut and in my size, to boot! So now compare my mock-ups above with the real one below:

Vogue 2883 (OOP)

Not bad, huh?

Though looking at the pattern now, I notice there was no skirt pattern so I believe I used an a-line skirt pattern to go with the jacket. I made the dress in an incredible print fabric that I think I kept, at least I hope I did. It's a great slip-on dress pattern so I'm happy to have the pieces again. I know I made the tank at one time and even maybe those shorts. In the right fabric it could be very skirt-like as in View C.

This suit was made of a linen/poly blend in black. It had a very Audrey Hepburn look to it, which I probably emphasized by wearing it with Mary Jane flats and a little black box purse, like the one on the pattern.

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