Friday, May 14, 2010

3rd Mini-Wardrobe Item Finished!

So, why no picture? Well, because it's been gray and raining for the last few days so the "photo shoot" will have to wait until the weekend, ok?

Well, I already wore my 1970-flavored purple jumper on Wednesday. I love it and it is definitely noticeable, being all bright purple-ly and tent-like. It looks just like the picture too. The pattern review is coming up too.

Yesterday, I wore my new black tee (mini-wardrobe item 2) and guess what? I'm loving it now! However, that means I have a situation. You see, I made all of the alterations on the final garment, only the first few changes were made to the tissue pattern. So, if I want more of these, and I do, I now have to transfer the changes from the finished garment to the pattern and make a muslin to check if I got it right. Yep, a complete backwards operation!

I will also be scanning some of those 150 patterns so I can set them up in my Etsy shop. More details to come.

So, have a great weekend everyone!

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