Friday, May 21, 2010

Pattern stash for sale

This coming weekend, I will be adding some of those 135 patterns to my Etsy shop.

Here are some payment options that I'm mulling over:

  • The majority of the patterns will go for $2-3 each, certain Vogue patterns for $5.
  • Since the original owner of this group brought her patterns in one size range I will offer some as lots of 10.
  • I have a Flickr group of patterns I would love to own. If you happen to possess any of these patterns in my size (12-14) and see a pattern in my store you want, we can arrange a straight swap.
  • If you see a few patterns you want, I will offer a group price.
Please, please, please check out the store and pass the link around, if you can. 135 patterns are a lot to have sitting in an already packed living room.



mjb said...

I'll be watching this carefully. I got a mixed box at a garage sale recently (nowhere near as huge as yours) and there were a few I was ready to get rid of right away and a few vintage ones that deserve individual listings later on. There's got to be someone that wants them all, right? If I blogged more and had more readers I'd be tempted to just do a blog sale though to avoid the etsy listing fees.

lsaspacey said...

Yeah, the listing fees are only 20 cents per item but still with 135 that would be $27 so I'll probably resort to groupings of patterns more than individual listings. However, I do have some really nice Vogues that I'll sell separately. Wish me luck. By the way, love your Denyse Schmidt quilts and your cute little dog!

Kyle said...

Holy cow that's a lot of patterns!! Happy selling!!