Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meet The New Family Dog

Meet Canyon!

Ain't he sweet?

He's a twelve-week old Lab mix with possible hound or pit bull*. He already knows how to speak, sit, lay down, and I even saw him roll over once. The only thing is if you stand over him he expects a treat. So that's why he looks so intense in the photos and right after each one he'd bark at me like, "hey, where's my food lady?" He's quite sassy (read: bossy), which means he fits in perfectly with my family.

*Personally, I don't see the pit.


Antoinette said...

Sweeeet puppy! He might not look like a pit... yet.

jen said...

oh! i want to put him in my pocket! (of course, i'm sure he'd wiggle out!)

my landlord's dog if half-pit bull (she looks it, i think) and she is the cutest, sweetest dog in the whole world! her bark sounds ferocious, though, but that's a good thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I actually really like Pitties a lot and kinda hate the bad rap they've gotten over the years. I've known some sweet ones. I *think* I can see a little bit of Pit in her eyes. Maybe.

Congratulations, she's a cutie!

Claire said...

Maybe in the forehead. Maybe. What a dollface! Love the name!

Shannon said...

Is it possible to have an overload of sweetness? I just want to nuzzle that little puppy face!

ATG said...

I don't see the pit either. He looks like a lab golden retriever mix.