Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out and About in RVA

So yeah I went out to see a band by myself last week. Not a new thing, but it hasn't happened in a long time. And sure, if I hadn't bumped into another huge Tulsa Drone fan as soon as I got there it wouldn't have been as enjoyable. And maybe if it hadn't been in walking distance I might not have bothered, but hey I got out and had a great time and I look forward to doing more things like this.

Well, this was the first time I had seen a music show at Gallery 5. There were four bands, and I had heard of only one, Tulsa Drone.

I nicknamed the first band, Heliotropes, as Cute Chicks With Bangs, because well.... they were. And young. They were also talented with great harmonies and the drummer's giggling was really adorable. Oh, and the singer kept getting electrocuted when her hair touched the mike. Well, that's what it looked like anyway.

The nickname fits, right?

The second band, Ancient Sky, was awesome; from their set design (70s hippie den with living-room lamps and tapestries draped to cover the amps) to the lead singers amazing voice. Sorry guys for only asking about that cool stained glass lightbulb you had but it

The third band, Suzukiton, was a wonder. My thought all night was "Which one of these is not like the other?" Major long hair band with throbbing bass and guitar lines. I had to go sit on the stairs at the extreme back of the venue to protect my ears. Yeah, when you see the band's drummer put on protective head gear you have been warned.

Tulsa Drone: What can I say, I love this band. Atmospheric music with a great bass and drum line, PLUS it has dulcimer! What more can you ask for? Somewhere someone wrote that it was like music for a movie soundtrack about trains. I can see that.

***I just found out there is something called Bollywood Nights at CousCous every second Saturday w/ DJ Carlito! So, who's up for it?


Antoinette said...

They are cute. I have a hard time shaking how young many new bands look. Reminds me how long I've been around. ;) I'll have to check out all the music you linked to in this post.

ATG said...

I'm so sorry I missed out on this one. :(