Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WT: A Peek Into My Closet

See my new shirt in there?

See this? I'm so happy because that's a big swatch of my wardrobe and though dark, there is barely any black in that picture. There are more reds, blues, greens, and browns. I am getting closer to making the color black an accent in my wardrobe instead of the basis.

After I took that picture above, I decided to photograph some of those dresses I wrote about before for Wardrobe Therapy but didn't photograph. I still wasn't feeling up to modeling them but this will no doubt give you a better idea of what they look like.

Here is the linen and lace garden party dress. See how the lace lays in a downward curve on the skirt? Imagine that going to full-length with the skirt getting wider as it gets longer. When the dress fit, it fit wonderfully with no gathers, just a bias sweep to a full swirl-able skirt.

Next, the bronze (faux) velvet dress. This one does have gathers at the empire waist and then tapers down to about twenty inches or so around the ankles. In my choice of fabric, the effect is more pronounced than in the pattern sketch, more like a 1915-18 hobble skirt, in fact.

The green cotton strapless dress. This picture shows how the fabric is woven with two different colors, in this case, blue and yellow in a vintage sharkskin effect to make this almost iridescent green. They now call it shot cotton. I still have two yards of a similar fabric; in a blue and lavender weave, for a sundress I never made.

I probably would not remake this particular dress, but it was constructed very well. Unfortunately, I have no idea what happened to this pattern or which company made it. Update: It was McCall's 9403. Um, by the way, I can no longer keep the bodice up like I was able to in that picture. That was at my heaviest.

Finally, the BCBG satin dress. I think this picture gives you a good idea of the shape. Pretty unusual in the horizontal banded bodice and the vertical gored skirt. It truly does fit like the example I showed in the original dresses post, very tight under the bust and then...whoosh with the tulle underskirt showing from underneath. Oh to have such an occasion to wear this!

Here is something I forgot to include in my Wardrobe Therapy purses round-up. My favorite purse of all...my sparkly beaded Hello Kitty evening purse! A reminder that a wardrobe does not have to be serious all the time, no matter what age the person.


scb said...

I love the colorful closetful!! And the dresses, especially the last three... gorgeous!

drwende said...

Very cool! I get such a kick out of seeing what you sew for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Surely, I see your new shirt in there. I'm envious =).

jen said...

oh my gosh, that lace dress is gorgeous!!! what a find!