Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sewers*, I have a question for you....

Does anyone know anything about this book, Make Your Own Clothes: 20 Custom Fit Patterns to Sew by Marie Clayton? I just saw it on Amazon and noticed that the book comes with some sort of customizable pattern software on a CD. Is it worth it?

*Just what is the term to use, seamstress, sewer, sewist, or sewing-enthusiast? Someone, please help?


zooza said...

I vote for anything apart from 'sewist' - in everyday speech I use the term 'sewer', but it does create problems when written down. I think you could pull off being a 'seamstress', though - you have the skills and talent.

sewwhat said...

It is a pretty decent deal for the price, but with everything, there are some caveats. The best way to see if you want to spend the money or not is to go to and download the Basic Reader. It is free, has 3 free patterns that come with it. And nothing else is required.

Follow the instructions on how to take your measurements and plug them in. Then print out the patterns, tape them together and go for it.

If you need help, e-mail support and they will help you get measurements set up. The book has a special section with instructional videos that is nice.

If you like the fit, you will probably like the book. The clothes are classic-not trendy and the book has received a lot of nice comments.

On the other front, I hate 'sewist'! My grandmother was a 'seamstress'-sewed every garment for 12 kids with no patterns ever! If it was good enough for her; it is good enough for me!

And the disclosure-I worked on the book.

lsaspacey said...


THANKS SO MUCH! I will go and try the Basic Reader thanks to your tip.