Thursday, May 15, 2008

WT Week 5: Outerwear and Underwear


Gap fuchsia raincoat - This one is still cute (especially with dresses), however without a hood I tend to grab my hooded L.L. Bean rain slicker instead.

Eddie Bauer quilted jacket - I had wanted the red one I saw in the catalog, but when the jacket went on sale in the store all they had was the black. Back then I wasn't so anti-black clothing so I went ahead and bought it.

L.L. Bean Weather System jacket - Bought at least five years ago, this was such a great deal. I have no idea why they don't still sell this or something similar anymore. It was a quilted black Primaloft-filled jacket with a red zip-on rain slicker with a detachable hood. Both jackets could convert to fit into their own attached carrying pouches.

In Winter:

Two bargain wool coats, one gray double-breasted and one classic black with a covered button placket that looks great (and expensive) with dresses.

Various scarves, gloves, mittens, Polartec 180s ear warmers (the best!), and some barely-worn purchased and handmade hats.


I am not piling my underwear so do not ask.

However, I will talk about something related. Don’t you wish that you knew immediately when you found something that you will want to have it in your life forever? Like the perfect bra, pair of shoes, or jeans? Then you would have been able to stock up on it without feeling guilty about the money. I wish I had known that when I bought some simple tank tops from Urban Outfitters, a stretchy camisole from Banana Republic, and a few bras from Victoria's Secret. I have never been able to find suitable replacements for these.

The Banana Republic underwear line was basic, practical, and cut beautifully. It was not lingerie in my opinion because it did not have a lot of lace or frills. I do know the winning formula for the fit was 94% cotton and 6% Lycra spandex.

The tanks from Urban Outfitters were just simple cotton but had a very flattering neckline. I am keeping one so one day I can copy the squarish scoop neck; however, I can no longer wear it because it lost all of its stretch and gapes now.

Victoria's Secret Bodyflex bras were PERFECT. Why? Their underwire was flexible (duh) and not painful in the least. So flexible in fact that you could wring them dry, they dried fast, and could be rolled up in your luggage, making them perfect for travel. A similarly flattering style is this VS Cotton one, available in 20 colors.

I also have a VS full slip from that same period that I love. No scratchy polyester or stiff lace thing for me. This one was stretchy and slinky, exactly what is needed. It even had a shelf bra. I have not seen this style in their catalog, not even their clearance catalogs, for years. (Have you ever noticed how some things in their clearance catalogs are from four or more years ago? Where do they keep all of this stuff?)

Satin ballet length slip $27

They do however have these with just a little lace and they've consistently been available for the last two years. I'm tempted, but first I have to make two slips from this pattern and I have had the fabric for almost a year.

I will continue to keep buying my bras from the Victoria's Secret clearance sales each year. I still don't see a desire for expensive lingerie; attractive and comfortable are my main criteria right now.

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