Thursday, May 29, 2008

S.E.W.: The Book Returns

Last December, I wrote a post praising the book S.E.W.: Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp of Make Workshop without having bought the book. I now own the book and I love it even more. This book covers everything I said it did then and does it sooo well.

From setting up the ideal work space, figuring out the anatomy of your machine, working with the fabric grain, identifying different types of fabrics to how to read patterns, this book tackles it all. The last few chapters of the book even cover hand sewing and how to make darning repairs.

Wendy Mullins has been touted as a god-send for Sew U, her beginner sewing book, because it is easy to read and sets you up with the basics. I believe, then that this book is the perfect next step. While Wendy sets you up with a basic shirt, skirt, and pants pattern combination to start from, S.E.W. gives you a variety packet of 10 patterns to use as a jumping-off point for your imagination. Clothing projects in this book move from lingerie to party dress and accessories to go-with, to a warm Mod-inspired cape (see below) to cover it all.

This should be your next reference book to buy, use, and keep.

More book photos at my Flickr page.

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