Monday, May 05, 2008

WT Week 4: Shoes!

Yes, it's getting strappy in here!
  1. Torture Devices.

    Nine West high-heeled boots from ex-boyfriend. I only wear them when more sitting than walking will be involved.
    Mossimo oxblood Mary Jane pumps from Target with cut-out detailing. I bought these when I had a dress that matched in color and feel. I still like these and will try to wear them more.
    Croc Mary Janes in red (I want the aquamarine ones too) even though the current ones have stretched beyond belief and safety outside of the house (the only reason they are in this category.) But because of how they feel I am willing to take another chance and get them a size smaller.

  2. Velveteen Rabbits.

    Suede Merrell slips-ons from L.L. Bean. I bought them for my trip to Ireland. I need another pair because these are perfect for walking, light hiking, etc. (also looking at Keens, L.L.Bean, and Ecco for replacements)

    Jones New York black fabric work pumps – always classy, always look good, on the outside at least. The lining is falling apart, crumbling away, in fact. Ewww. I usually only wear these for the interviews even though they are incredibly comfortable. The outside is a very nice crepe fabric. I would love to find more like these, anyone seen anything similar out there?

  3. Superstars.

    Nine West brown suede ankle-strap shoes. These remind me of shoes worn by Betty Grable, Rosalind Russell, and Esther Williams in those 1940s musicals. I can see shoes like these being worn playing shuffleboard on one of those cruises their characters always took to Europe. I always wear these with my bronze velvet dress. I now need something new so I can wear these in the fall and winter to come.

    Miz Mooz brown leather Mary Janes with cut work details. They are such a rich brown; however, these pictures do not do them justice. Extremely comfortable, they will get more use as I replace the black with more brown in my wardrobe. I last wore them out with my new outfit and felt so sassy!

    Montego Bay Club by Payless orange embroidered espadrilles - eye-catching, they become more of a focal spot than a coordinating element.

  4. Stalwart Staples.

    Payless "go-go" boots. Sleek, stretchy, comfy, one of my best purchases ever! I just wish I had found more than one pair.
    My L.L. Bean lace-up boots. I also bought these for my Ireland trip, and again, they were perfect. If you want comfortable, durable shoes, checking out L.L. Bean or REI is the way to go.
    Parade of Shoes (now Payless) Mary Janes with rubber soles and Velcro closing. Soooo comfortable.
    Mossimo Mary Janes shown in Torture Devices.
    Another pair of Mary-Janes, unfortunately the name has worn off the insole. These may have been Enzo Angiolini, Aerosole, or Kenneth Cole Reaction, just not sure which.

  5. Same Time, Next Year.

    Caparros lavender bridesmaid sandals. Unfortunately, I lost one of the shoe ornaments dancing that night and couldn’t get another from the manufacturer. Since I never wore them again I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Jennifer Moore black ‘witchy’ shoes – the way these looked use to bother me when I thought my feet were big, but not anymore. I got over it. I still would use them for a witch costume in a pinch though.

  6. Sentimental Journeys.

    I have two pairs of pink satin toe shoes from when I was fourteen. Of course, I will never wear them again but having them around reminds me of all my hard work. One is the last pair I owned so they are not as beat up as the other pair, therefore you can see exactly how worn out the shoes get with use. Hard and boxlike when new, they turn into floppy slippers after just a few months.

  7. Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip.

    Nine West embroidered kitten heels that I bought a day or two before Gold Cup. I wore them walking through muddy fields for the steeplechase and were never worn again.
    Black chunky suede embroidered “stripper” shoes from (?) I have no idea what I was thinking. I actually debated about buying these; however, neither taste nor practicality was in that debate. (Rats! It seems I already got rid of these before I took a picture! Sorry.)

Oxblood and Chocolate.

Next: I've added brown but I still need more shoes in colors like:

  • the new blue Crocs
  • maybe these in yellow from Miz Mooz


zooza said...

Oooh, I like Miz Mooz shoes. I wonder if they sell them in the UK...

drwende said...

Jones New York also makes Nine West and, I think, Bandolino shoes, so you may find something similar to your fabric interview shoes in one of those brands.