Thursday, May 22, 2008

WT Week 4 (Am I done yet?): Purses

  1. Torture Devices.

  2. Velveteen Rabbits.
    A purse/convertible backpack I love that is fast falling apart (top right). Ideally, I would draft a pattern from it and make a replacement. However, with three tiny zippers involved in its construction...yeah, right.
  3. Superstars.
    Liz Claiborne mini-backpack AKA my "concert purse" I can carry a mini-wallet, lipstick, tissues, pen, my keys, and if I push it, my cell phone.

  4. Stalwart Staples.

    Liz Claiborne shoulder bag (right in photo above) The top cinches up and you wear the strap over your shoulder with the bag over your back. Located beneath the strap is a vertical zippered pocket.
    Amanda Smith black textured purse (top left in 1st photo) with dainty handles and detachable shoulder straps.

  5. Same Time, Next Year.

    Target by Mizrahi ruffled evening purse with chain (in middle of 1st photo)

    Lavender taffeta wrist purse with beaded trim (middle of this photo). This was made to go with my bridesmaid dress.
    Mint green linen tote bag (right) that was made to go with matching strapless dress. This was to be my go-to wedding ensemble. These were worn once, to a Gold Cup steeplechase event, not a wedding.
    A wristlet that I made from a Target tablecloth to go with this dress.

  6. Sentimental Journeys.
    Patent leather "camera purse," the perfect size to tote any one of my cameras in. (Not shown)

  7. Mysteries of the Lost Shopping Trip.

I lot of my purses have come to me as gifts from one of my sisters or my friend Linda. Some were specials from Spiegel (see Velveteen Rabbit, bottom left above, and bottom right in 1st photo) that you receive with a catalog subscription or ones received when the giver bought me the same one that she bought for herself.

My latest tote bag (middle above) came from (BAM) when I signed up for a special discount card. Very good tote bag.

In 2002, I commissioned a felted knit hat and tote bag (top left in 3rd photo) from Another Regan Original in a bright Mediterranean blue yarn.

Sewing Therapy 2008:

  • This Indygo Junction pattern from some barkcloth fabric in my stash that I've been scared to touch for years. I just saw this pattern made up here.

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drwende said...

Love the ones you make yourself... touch that barkcloth so the rest of us can admire the results!